Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jan 2009 - recap

Austin loves crafts & usually takes a longer time focusing in his project

Seth during "free time"

Braden REALLY loves painting

F... f... f... fish
One of my favorite crafts is "following the Directions" day. We not only get to make cookies, but if we follow the directions and listen carefully to Miss Maren, the cookies ACTUALLY TASTE GOOD.

"Miss Maren, this looks like poop." (serious as can be)
"It kind of does, Cade." (trying not to drop the camera as I laugh out loud)

MLK day craft "Love One Another" - where have we heard that before?

painting for MLK day

B... b... b... bumblebee

B... b... b... Butterfly

Landon, Braden & Alahna working on the butterfly craft.

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Christie said...

So fun! Thanks for posting these. It's so nice to see what they are doing. Cade loves school. He has really missed you guys this week.