Wednesday, May 6, 2009

water day - we love getting wet!

Today was Miss Maren's annual end-of-school water play day.... so much fun - so little days of school left - Alahna soaking in the sun.

Austin & Seth racing to the top of the slide.

Alahna explaining the mysteries of the universe to Jack... or something just as deep.

I'm seeing a lot of ribs here... (don't they feed him?) Actually I have seen that boy pack away food. He can eat more then any two kids - just the benefits of having a high metabolism. I wouldn't know what that's like.

Jack was a little timid at first, but soon the timidity left and he returned to his regularly crazy boy self.

James (not so gently) persuading Cade to go down the slide.

Seth always ready for more.

James & Seth ready for the next big slide or jump off... they quickly found the scariest things to do on a moderately safe & (and not very imaginable) slide... boys will be boys, right?

Alhana & Jack singing the "water day" impromptu song.

Austin would barely hold still long enough for me to snap this one. He was 90 miles an hour fun, fun, fun.

I don't know if his skin is extra slippy, but he went down the fastest on his tummy & would slide always into the edge where the only boys could only try to go as fast.

Alahna having fun in the little pool of water at the bottom. Once we tired out from slipping and sliding we went inside. had a popcicle and played our favorite game "musical chairs"... James & Jack proved to be the big winners today (although everyone gets a little treat to avoid heavy competition - I do have a class of 4 boys, after all.)

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