Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of School

Yay! It's a new year of Miss Maren's preschool and we have a fresh new crop of students ready to learn and play! I love preschool because it's a fun time for sharing, singing, learning, and most importantly PLAYING!

This year is unofficially known as "the Year of the GIRL" (oh yeah, and Ty). This is the cutest crop of girly girls I've ever seen. If they have their way they will have Ty in dress ups in no time.

But Ty is a boys' boy... he won't go easy. This boy is all cars, trucks, trains, and outdoor play. He can't be bothered for a photo.

This is Tessa, she is our littlest pipsqueak. 

Tessa showed up in the tinniest little high heeled slip-on's. It was so adorable watching her tottle around on those things.

This is Karsyn. Karsyn is a happy little thing. She was quick to play with everyone she came in contact with.

Karsyn was easy going and looks like she will quickly make friends with all of the monkeys in our class.

Ty wasn't too happy about the photo shoot. He couldn't see why he had to stand still long enough to snap a picture. Ty had to be coaxed into craft time, not too interested in getting his hand traced, but quickly began giggling when we got to it.

He did oblige me (none too happy about it) and the next moment he was happy and running about ready for the next activity.

This is Alex. Alex is a fun little independent girl. She reminds me a lot of her older sister Elle that I had for 2 years previous. 

Alex loved craft time. She spent most of her time picking out her favorite princess stickers and would put them both on her placemat and everyone's that was close enough. She kept picking up stickers and saying, "This is for Alex" - it was so adorable.

Tessa is also a sibling of a former student, Seth. It is so funny to see their same facial expressions and mannerisms. 

Tessa loved when we pulled out the baby dolls and was the most photogenic during the photo shoot. 

Hayden was still in her mommy's tummy when Brooklyn attended Miss Maren's preschool. Hayden is sweet and was first to sit down to begin making the placemats. 

One of my favorite things about the first day of school is the photo shoot. These pictures are used to put on their placemats that they will use the rest of the year. I love that they rarely smile but are more full of silly faces, still getting used to the crazy lady behind the camera. Let's hear it for a great new year. I hope you enjoy this blog and watching these great kids learn and grow as much as I do.

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Erin said...

I love it! Thanks for posting these pictures!