Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Open House

A new year of preschool starts before you know it! Our open house was a big success - a great opportunity to meet Miss Maren and see our fun classroom, not to mention frost cookies shaped like letters in our names (and who doesn't love cookies!!)

Miss Maren baking up a store of alphabet cookies.

This is Tessa loading on the sprinkles... yummy.

Tessa pauses to smile for the camera.

We have two Tessa's this year that makes things extra special. Tessa is a unique name and we are lucky enough to have double that this year.
Tessa eating her yummy "art project".

Alex is so intent on frosting her cookies so that she can't be bothered.

This is one little girl serious about sugar.

Hayden frosting away (not sure how much frosting actually made it onto the cookies).

Hayden has 6 letters in her name (lucky girl) - I cut out a few extra shapes for kids with only a few letters in their name.

This is one of my favorite activities and a great way to start off the new year.

Ty tasting  his just desserts.

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