Thursday, October 22, 2009

Picture Day

Before October break we had an amazing photographer (Jameson Photos) come and take our class pictures. Here is what she saw through her lens. This class picture was taken in my back yard, yet it looks like we were in a studio... amazing.

Olivia is my right hand this year. She is not only fun and full of SASS but she is an immense help. I couldn't function without her.

Alex looks all lit up like a Christmas Angel. I love the amazing lighting and that the back drop is my neighbors fence that is falling down.

This looks like a magazine ad. Tessa W. is adorable. Sweet and always excited to learn.

I love that Hayden out right posed for this picture. She is so fun and I love it when she shouts back to me  "Goodbye Miss Maren!" after class.

This is Cece, she's our English rose, and a wonderful addition to our class. She is full of energy and her favorite time is snack time. She is always motivated to get thing cleaned so she can watch Mickey Mouse while she snacks of yummy treats.

Karsyn is my book worm (or book-dictator depending on how you look at it). Karsyn loves to read and will spend all her free time sitting at a table reading a book.

I love that Jenna captured this little monkey's personality. He actually had a black eye and some bruising (rough tough little Ty) but you would have never known. He is so fun.

This little munchkin just lights up when I pull out my camera... she just shines for Jenna. She is so delicate - makes me smile, when I say "clean up" she is the first one to jump up and dig in.

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FRW test said...

These pictures are absolutely brilliant. Look like they've all been picked from a magazine. No picture of Ms Maren?