Thursday, December 10, 2009

picnic day - Nov 09

This was our picnic day.

Everyone brought their own lunches.

They were super good about sharing their lunches.

Especially the healthy stuff.

Tessa W. loved her chips.

Ty was being coaxed into eating his sandwich.

LIv was a big help opening sandwich bags and juice boxes.

Hayden was the only one who ate all her sandwich (what a good girl)...

Hayden & Liv's hanging out.

Cece said it was getting hot.

Everyone else agreed so we moved backyard to the shade.

Olivia & Hayden eating treats.

Hayden shares her treats with Karsyn & Olivia.

Karsyn is starting to get sticky, but just wait - this is not the end.

Cece loved the cheese puffs.

yum, yum, yum!

Karsyn found Tessa P.'s chocolate granola bar.


Messy, messy girl - we had so much fun.

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