Tuesday, November 9, 2010

H ... is for Horse (Nov 9th)

Today we made horses to celebrate the letter H. We talked about the sound the letter H makes and got new homework sheets. There is no class on Thursday due to Veteran's Day so we had to pack a lot into one class. Grace & Reese got to choose the songs we sang. Reese want the 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' because we get to hold these cool spider masks, Grace choose 'You are My Sunshine' probably for the same reason. We have these cool sunshine masks. I will have to remember to pics of them. They are so cute. Aidan brought our treat this week. Imagine my surprise - more fishy cracks, this time they were Parmesean flavored. Yummy! The kids gobbled them up and strawberries are always a big hit. What sealed the deal were the juice boxes, I think they liked those the most. Not a drop was left. Good job Aidan. See you next week.

G ... is for goat (Nov 2nd)

This week we talked about the letter G and ovals. For the letter G we made goats and read a story about a goat named Gregory who ate all the food he wasn't supposed to. He loved veggies and fruits but his parents thought that was weird and wanted him to eat shoelaces and tires like everyone else. Speaking of food, Cece brought our snack this week. She brought pizza flavored fishy crackers. I didn't even know there was such a thing, but they were a HUGE success. On Thursday we made Humpty Dumpty and learned the rhyme that goes along with it. I'm sad I forgot my camera to take pictures. Their Humpty Dumpty's were so cute. They each had their own personalities.

F ... is for Fox (Oct 26th)

another day without pictures, but we talked about the letter F. Tessa brought strawberries and cheese and crackers to share for snack (the most popular time of the day)  - it was a good day. Thanks Tessa.

E ... is for Elephant (Oct 19th)

I don't have any pictures from this day, but we talked about the letter E and I told a story with puppets, about an elephant that wanted friends but people were so scared of him because he was so big. Finally he found some one who was brave enough to be his friend and they were the best of friends. On Thursday of this week we made fruit loop necklaces which you can see many pictures of in a previous post.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Picture Day - Oct 19th

No. This is not a modeling ad. No. These kids are not famous child actors - they are just extremely good looking and clean up nice on picture day. Luckily, I have an inside contact and my friend Jenna from Jameson Photos came and took school pictures for us. 

She captured their sweet little personalities.

and made already adorable kids come to life through pictures.

Don't they look fabulous!

We love Jenna because she's good, she's able to work with them even when their being not so easy to work with, and she is very reasonable. Yeah for Picture Day!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

November Calendar

Oct 28th - Halloween Party

I LOVE Halloween. It is one of the best holidays of they year. It celebrates great costumes and CANDY!! What could be better then dressing up and eating candy 'til you get sick? It's the best of both worlds. Check out these amazing costumes...

 Aidan was being shy and hiding behind his costume paper kid.

There we go... this is one spider that you wouldn't mind having around. He's sweet, delightful, and totally against violence of any kind (like smacking a pinata) 

This handsome cowboy comes with his own soft horse that you could lean over and take a nap on. Makes for better nights out under the stars.

Better be moseying along.

Open your eyes princess - your Cinderella, not Sleeping Beauty...

There's that Cece grin that we know and love. Doesn't she make an adorable princess?

This is pirate Abbey, she was going to dress up as a mermaid, but the fickle minds of pirates - ye haf to surrender or walk the plank! 

Tessa made and amazing butterfly. The real question is do we like this side better? 

or this one? They are both pretty diva-esque.

Didn't I tell you they had pretty amazing costumes? They were worried that there wasn't a picture of me... um, that's ok. I was dressed as a witch. This tummy of mine is pretty big and would have taken up most of the picture (just 5 weeks more and little Elinor will be here to join in the fun!)

What a good lookin' group of kids!

 These are one of my favorite Halloween crafts. The kids get to take the craft paper kid home and make a costume for it with their parents.

They always come up with the best ideas. We had a mermaid (Abbey), Tweedledee (Miss Maren - my energy level did not match my ambition this year), butterfly (Tessa) 

cowboy (Reese), spider (Aidan), and princess fairy (Cece) 

 Now, we get to the good part - smacking that pinata open. Abbey had a wild swing so I was more worried about the spectators then her actually hitting the pinata.

Cece kept giving it love taps. She is way more bark then bite! 

BIG Thanks to Cece's mom (Amanda) for donating the Shrek pinata this year. We didn't have to hit a pathetic looking pumpkin made from an orange paper bag by yours truly. We got a real deal to whack this year. 

 Time to bring out the big guns. Let me remind you Aidan was abstaining from the violent attack on the poor pinata and Grace was sadly absent - with Abbey in restraints, we had 2 left to do all the dirty work, Miss Tessa who looks deceptively weak and lady-like.

and Reese who could probably play for any major league team he chooses in a few years. That kid has GOT an arm on him. 

Just a few minutes with those two and there was candy EVERYWHERE!! after the pinata we were a little wore down. We popped popcorn and watched Mickey Mouse House of Villains. It was a lot of fun and a good time was had by all!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

October Birthdays

 We had 2 birthdays this month - Miss Grace...

 and Reese... his mom brought birthday cake on picture day. The irony is I forgot to take pictures of it, but we sang to him and ate yummy chocolate cake.

Grace's mom brought pumpkin cupcakes... I need the recipe. I will admit I ate mine and the rest of Abbey's - scrumptious! We love birthdays!

October Calendar

shape: CIRCLE - Thurs 10/07/10

Today we talked about CIRCLES 
I knew what ever craft I chose if it had any kind of food in it - it would be a HUGE hit.
We strung fruit loops on yarn.

They loved it.

Cece only made about half her necklace, ate a handful of fruit loops, and said she was done.

Aidan was pretty determined to finish.

Grace mostly just wanted to snack - she got Tessa to work on her necklace for her.

Tessa liked that we were making necklaces.

She not only finished hers - but also worked on Grace's and Cece's.

This craft project had Reese written all over it. He was quick and determined. I worried that it might be too difficult to thread through the small opening, but they all could do it with little help. 

He filled his yarn to the very edge and wanted no help from anyone. He was very self-sufficient.

Reese proudly shows off his craft.

Aidan with his finished necklace.

Reese has so great concentration and dexterity.

Cece was checking out all the colors and naming them off.

Grace didn't want to be bothered at this point. She was rocking in the rocking chair, munchin' on her necklace, and watching a movie during snack time.

Tessa posing to show off her couture fashion.

It's just so darn yummy! Yeah for circles!