Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dog Days

We talked about dogs in preschool today.

We read the book, "No one's Diggier then a Dog"

And we made these dog sock dolls. I found the idea here. Her's are so much cuter, but keep in mind I had to accommodate my preschoolers. They loved stuffing the dogs.

We had to add ribbon, these of course are girl dogs, and can't be seen without some glam.

They turned out so adorable. I love them almost as much as the girls do.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pirate Day

Tessa is a pirate at heart. She came to class dressed to the nines in pirate regalia.

For our pirate treat we made their favorite snack ... popcorn and juice!

The crowds have assembled to watch the pirate flick!

Olivia is a HUGE helper passing out treats.

We chose to watch the biggest pirate of them all - Captain Hook!

Cece's best pirate face, as she gets ready for our treasure hunt.

Karsyn didn't want any help making her treasure map, she is one independent pirate!

Hayden is my little juice bug. She loves to play games while passing out the drinks and can't wait to have seconds.

My baby pirate - the kids loved the m&m's and the temporary tattoos.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

MLK Day - Happy Civil Rights

We love to paint!  Olivia started us off... there is always an audience when someone paints.

This is such an easy craft and the kids love using all the different colors. Hayden was working very diligent here.

Tessa paints with blue.

Cece loves painting and if not engrossed in game she will jump right in.

I was amazed at Ty's willingness to paint. Usually he has to be coaxed and persuaded.

Alex was so careful to not mix colors/ One stick yellow and one stick red.

I love this craft because of it's simplicity and it's a good lesson, love one another.

Look at Cece's cute expression. She is so adorable.

Hayden is showing off her great work.

Liv shows her final project.

Happy MLK Day!!

Time to go!

Crazy Hat - Makeup Day

I love this picture of Tessa, she couldn't get enough of my laptop with the built in camera.

I think they get a whole lot smilier when they can see themselves smiling back.

This are the crazy hats we made this year. In the past I've tried newspaper, tissue paper, tea hat, sombrero style - this was so much easier and so much cuter. Look at Karsyn's hat...

Karsyn takes off her hat and puts on...

...this hat backwards. It was too cute. Karsyn always makes me laugh.

She looks like a pilgrim or Quaker. I love it.

Here's the gang in their crazy hats.

Ty, Cece, Karsyn, Tessa and Hayden - quite a fun group

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crazy Hat Day

Today was a makeup day since I took a couple personal days last week. When we do a makeup day, I just like to have fun. We decided to make crazy hats.

They chose the colors and helped attach the fun curls.

Karsyn wore this hat to school and wanted to pose with it on, check out Cece's cute hat.

Ty crumpled up his hat, the girls about had heart attacks, but Karsyn let Ty wear her hat for the picture.

Try getting 4 year olds to hold still - good times.

Tessa shows off her cute hat that she is so proud of.... next week makeup day is a pirate day - aaarrggg.

Christmas Calendar

This was our Christmas project this year and we just got them done in the nick of time.