Sunday, January 24, 2010

MLK Day - Happy Civil Rights

We love to paint!  Olivia started us off... there is always an audience when someone paints.

This is such an easy craft and the kids love using all the different colors. Hayden was working very diligent here.

Tessa paints with blue.

Cece loves painting and if not engrossed in game she will jump right in.

I was amazed at Ty's willingness to paint. Usually he has to be coaxed and persuaded.

Alex was so careful to not mix colors/ One stick yellow and one stick red.

I love this craft because of it's simplicity and it's a good lesson, love one another.

Look at Cece's cute expression. She is so adorable.

Hayden is showing off her great work.

Liv shows her final project.

Happy MLK Day!!

Time to go!

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