Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rainbow and Birthdays

red, yellow, pink, and green, purple and orange and blue

I can make a rainbow, make a rainbow, make a rainbow too...

I love the simplicity of this project

and most of the kids eat about as many as they glue on

and then sometimes they even eat the ones with a little glue (right Alex?)

Olivia finished her own project, then tried to help the kids focus as well instead of all the cereal.

Ty only stayed focus for about half of his rainbow before he gave up, took some cereal and headed outside. I'm happy he gave it a shot!

Olivia testing the cereal... yep. it's good.

Happy Birthday Tessa girl!

Sugar cookies are always a huge bonus

Here's the birthday girl, according to her - babies are 2, big girls are 3 (you can't argue with that?)

Cece shows off her frosting face from the sugar cookie.

Sugar HIGH - so happy!

look at these sassy girls, pull out the camera and watch the sass!

see what I mean?

Tessa's sassy dance was killing me - these two were on one

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