Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Gift

For Valentine's I thought I would give my students their favorite game - Don't Eat Pete!! I'm not sure who Pete is exactly or where this game originated from (I think it's just an excuse to eat M&M's, so maybe the parent company of M&M's created it as a marketing ploy - which is brilliant, because we're obsessed with it)... and thanks to Jenna, I have these awesome pictures to use. So, I thought I would share the basic rules so when your kids get home and want to play it with you - you won't get in trouble for not playing it correctly.

1. Your child covers their eyes.
2. Someone else chooses one of the colored boxes/pictures to be "Pete"
3. Your child uncovers their eyes and gets to randomly eat the M&M's
4. When they pick up the M&M that was chosen as "Pete" - everyone shouts, "Don't eat Pete!!"
5. You can either end their turn and let them have the rest of the M&M's on the sheet (this is what we do in class - but they only get one turn each) OR let them end their turn and not have the rest if you are going to play a few times in a row (so their not busting through the ceiling on a sugar rush the size of Texas) by the time the game ends... just a thought.

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