Tuesday, March 2, 2010

good intentions... turn girlie

This girlie day came about from a conversation Olivia had with her mom:
"Mom, why have I gone to school so many days this week."
"Well, Wednesday was a make-up day."
(puzzled look) "I didn't get any makeup..."

Today when my girls arrived, I was running late and putting on my makeup - one thing lead to another (not too hard to figure out with this group of girls) and before I knew it I was applying lip gloss, eyeshadow, and they had all the dress ups pulled out.

Karsyn shows off her nails. Olivia knows where my daughter keeps her fingernail polish, and had run and got it before I knew what hit me.

I was roped into painting nails... toenails, etc. They lined up quicker then a que at Disneyland.

Cece loves purple and for not being as girlie as the others she loved getting her nails done.

and was keen to show off her "varnish"

Abbey held still long enough for me to paint hers as well. She wasn't about to miss out on all the fun.

Hayden chose to paint her toes a nice shade of magenta.

Soooo cute!!

Alex was showing off her sparkly nails - so gorgeous!

so instead of blowing bubbles and doing a fun craft project we embraced our girlie selfs and had a great class getting all cutied up.

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Scott and Jenna said...

Soo adorable and how fun! Can I be a student in your preschool? I need some pampering :)