Thursday, April 29, 2010

arbor day craft vs. cookies?

Today we are supposed to celebrating Arbor Day and pasting popcorn kernels on the bare branches of a tree. When I explained the craft no one seemed too enthused.

But when I said - "Would you rather make cookies?" I got an overly enthusiastic response.

Cece helped measure out the dry ingredients.

Aidan liked mixing the flour.

Hayden dumping in the brown sugar.

Karsyn got the best job of all - the chocolate chips.

She didn't get them all in so Aidan helped her picked them up off the table and get them in the bowl. 

Don't they look good?

KIds Choice Craft week

Sometimes it's nice to break out of a routine and try new things. We were on the calendar to make a "spring craft" which usually means a duck, bunnies, or something that blooms.

While I was trying to figure out what to make, I had an eavesdropper see a picture of Elmo and start yelling, "Elmo! Elmo! Elmo"

Elmo is not my favorite character. I think if his voice was one octave lower - I wouldn't have a problem with him and if my kids wouldn't have got Elmo toys that were in permanent "on" singing mode, I wouldn't be so resistant to him.

They got their way and we made these cute Elmo faces. First they painted a plate with red paint.

Then we glued on eyes, foam mouth and eye balls, and a felt nose.

They did turn out rather cute and the kids loved them which matters the most!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Birdy Nests and eggs

Today was a cooking day. Olivia was not liking the butter.

Olivia starting melting the butter.

Karsyn added the marshmallows while Tessa (the rock star) stirred them until they melted.

So many cute cooks in the kitchen, everybody wanted a turn.

Tessa crunching up the shredded wheat, while everyone watches her amazed.

Olivia was the first to finish her bird's nest.

Hayden and Cece loading up their nests with eggs.

Aidan's fine with the birds as long as T-Rex stays close to protect his eggs.

Tessa tasting the eggs.

Karsyn was so particular putting her nest together.

Those are two good looking chicks!

Easter Egg Hunt

When the door opened the kids flew out. It was cute how they followed each other.

We had eggs every where.

Some kids were more excited then others... A few found candy and were more interested in that.

Cute girls looking hard for eggs.

ooohhh... look a few more.

How many do I have? Alex tallying up her take.

There's got to be a few more, right?

Aidan canvassing the territory.

My kids showing off their loot.

We LOVE eggs (mostly just because they are filled with candy).

we love spring - butterflies! (April 2010)

We always look forward to painting days. Today we got to paint butterflies.

Aidan choose the blue paint. I was impressed with how quickly he fit right in.

Tessa used lots of yellow and pink - her butterfly had a gorgeous hue.

Karsyn went for the pink.

Hayden made a yellow butterfly.

Cece loves all colors and ended up with a beautiful butterfly.

Aidan finishing up. I wish I would have taken more pictures when the butterflies had dried.

Rock Buddies - March 2010

Today for our art project we got to go on a scouting field trip. Tessa was super helpful pushing Abbey for me in the stroller.

I love that without any prompting from me they were pointing out colors and shapes.

They saw the clover (and weeds) and were like ... green! green! green!

At the stop sign they were like "octagon" - made me almost cry with how happy I was.

These girls are so much fun!

We found the perfect rock pile to choose rocks from. We found circles and ovals. So many shapes - so little time.

Some took a little more time then others in picking out the perfect rock.

The most important part was the painting. 

We all loved that Cece's was shaped like a frog and she choose the green paint.

Olivia painted a gorgeous butterfly!

Not sure what kind of bugga bugga Tessa was painting, except she had 3 shades of brown.

Karsyn went with a traditional lady bug.

You can't argue the classics. They all turned out adorable! Any excuse to paint right?