Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rock Buddies - March 2010

Today for our art project we got to go on a scouting field trip. Tessa was super helpful pushing Abbey for me in the stroller.

I love that without any prompting from me they were pointing out colors and shapes.

They saw the clover (and weeds) and were like ... green! green! green!

At the stop sign they were like "octagon" - made me almost cry with how happy I was.

These girls are so much fun!

We found the perfect rock pile to choose rocks from. We found circles and ovals. So many shapes - so little time.

Some took a little more time then others in picking out the perfect rock.

The most important part was the painting. 

We all loved that Cece's was shaped like a frog and she choose the green paint.

Olivia painted a gorgeous butterfly!

Not sure what kind of bugga bugga Tessa was painting, except she had 3 shades of brown.

Karsyn went with a traditional lady bug.

You can't argue the classics. They all turned out adorable! Any excuse to paint right?

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