Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Have a great summer!!

This is my last post for the summer break!

Please let me know if you are interested in enrolling for fall. It is a $25 fee to hold your child's spot (that money will go towards supplies). I will take first come first serve. I will only accept 8 kids for the fall. School starts Tuesday, Sept 7th.

Keep in mind that I'm expecting a baby in Dec so we will be taking Dec & Jan off and resuming Tuesday, Feb 1st.

Thank You and I wish you all the best in the coming years!!

Graduation Day

I didn't get any pictures from graduation, but it was a great success. Thanks moms, dads, and grandparents for coming and supporting these great kids. I wanted to make a year book this year, but my printer died. Instead I was able to make a few pages and will post them here. Feel free to print these pages.
You can click on these pages and enlarge them to see them better. These are taken from the class book that we take turns taking it home and sharing with our families.

Swim Party!!

Aidan didn't want to get in the water, but was glad to accept a popsicle.

You couldn't keep Karsyn & Tessa out of the water.

Tessa & Olivia laughing and having fun.

Hayden doing a splashy dance.

Everyone in the pool having fun.

Alex braves the cold water.

Yeah. We're done. Trying to see if the sun can defrost us.

Cece finally conquers the slide and goes solo! We knew you could do it.

Alex takes and important popsicle break.

Hayden couldn't get enough popsicles.

Ok. Now everyone back in the water.

Are we done again?

Aidan pretending he is a T-Rex. He did finally go in the water and loved it.

After about 1 hour, I had some pretty tired and hungry kids. We took a break. Went inside and ate popcorn and watched a movie.

This was the best day EVER!!

watermelon craft

This was our last craft of the school year - phew! 

We went out with a bang - these kids LOVE to paint and came up with all kinds of color combinations and designs, using 2 colors and this for a model.

Cece told me she could smile bigger then her watermelon craft...

I think she was right. Look at that adorable grin!

we like to read

Karsyn and Aidan were my big readers this year. They LOVED story time.

And during free time they often chose to read in stead of play with toys or go out side.

Hayden had to make a cameo in the photo shoot.

I nicknamed Karsyn "the librarian" - she always had a book with her even if she was outside riding scooters or inside putting on dress-ups.

Bubbles... bubbles... and more bubbles

This craft is fun because you don't just make something cool, the procedure to make the craft is funner then the actual item.

Olivia demonstrates how to blow bubbles through a straw into a pan of dish soap and food coloring.

Hayden gives it a shot.

Alex is a pro.

Cece got annoyed when anyone put their hands in her bubbles.

When the bubbles get huge you take a white sheet of paper and set it on top of the bubbles letting it's weight pop them, and leaving a cool design on your paper.

Karsyn was probably the most enthusiastic.

... or maybe I should say - overly enthusiastic! 

I strongly discourage taste testing this craft - Karsyn agrees with me here.

Bird Feeders (pine cone craft)

Today we go to go for a little walk to collect supplies for our craft.

I live next door to the sweetest old lady (Grandma Annie).

Her yard gets covered with pine cones from her huge pine tree. Here Cece is picking them up.

This turned out to be part service project to help her out and a supply gathering mission.

It actually turned into a contest to see who could gather the most pine cones.

They were awesome and cleaned up her yard in no time.

Here is a view from inside the tree - so big!

Hands down this was the best part - we scooped peanut butter into the pine cone.

It wasn't too difficult but took a while - because of all the taste testing.

Olivia shows Hayden the art of scooping peanut butter.

Hayden has to taste to make sure this is the real stuff.

Oh, and again...

Lastly we rolled the pine cones in bird seed and attached string so they could hang. Pretty - yummy (for a nature craft).