Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bird Feeders (pine cone craft)

Today we go to go for a little walk to collect supplies for our craft.

I live next door to the sweetest old lady (Grandma Annie).

Her yard gets covered with pine cones from her huge pine tree. Here Cece is picking them up.

This turned out to be part service project to help her out and a supply gathering mission.

It actually turned into a contest to see who could gather the most pine cones.

They were awesome and cleaned up her yard in no time.

Here is a view from inside the tree - so big!

Hands down this was the best part - we scooped peanut butter into the pine cone.

It wasn't too difficult but took a while - because of all the taste testing.

Olivia shows Hayden the art of scooping peanut butter.

Hayden has to taste to make sure this is the real stuff.

Oh, and again...

Lastly we rolled the pine cones in bird seed and attached string so they could hang. Pretty - yummy (for a nature craft).

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catherine gardner said...

I love your blog. Us folks in England get to see our darling boy (Aidan) grow and learn. Than you for posting.