Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Letter B

(updated 2012: Bee Template added)

Today we talked about the letter "B" - which kind of worked nicely since today is Abbey's Birthday.

We made bee's out of the letter B.

We read a brilliant book about a bee.

...and we ate Birthday cake for snackies. 
Everybody was besotted with their new best bee friend.

The Bee Song

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Number 1 - bean bags!

Today we talked about the number one. I looked online for some fun ideas to illustrate this great number. There weren't many that I found I liked. Mostly just a coloring pages - sorry... not his preschool, coloring pages are for church or babysitters, pretty much unimaginative folk. These kids are anything but. So I found this great bean bag tutorial and decided we'd try a bit of sewing. The kids didn't mind the sewing (it takes 2 seconds to sew a square) but the filling of the bag with beans was pretty time consuming and a little frustrating for a few.

Aidan got a little overwhelmed at stuffing his bean bag, so Tessa took over helping him (what a good helper)

Grace is little Miss Independence - she didn't need (want) any help filling her bag.

Tessa - (little Miss) stuffing her bag like a little bean stuffing model, (and this is how we do it...)

Aidan showing off his finished bean bag.

Grace is checking hers out. She loved the fabric.

Cece loved this process, even though she can be quite meticulous putting them in one at a time. I had to help her when I realized we were past "meet mommy time" (sorry we got out so late).

Cece was quite happy with her bean bag, although she wasn't sure what it was used for. All of them really enjoyed singing counting songs instead of story time today. What a fun way to learn the number 1.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a ... a ... Alligator

(updated 2012: Alligator template added)

Today the letter we talked about was the letter "A"

Aidan said he didn't like alligators, but was still happy to make one.

Cece was making a chomping sound. It was really cute.

Grace enjoyed making the alligator and LOVED singing the 5 little monkeys singing in a tree ... teasing Mr. Alligator... yikes!

Aidan loves the letter A - he was quick to tell me he had one in his name. Every time I asked him which letter we were talking about he knew it right away and earned an M&M.

Cece could even remember the sound "a" makes - good job Cece! She earned an few M&M's.

Gracie was checking out the other alligators. What a fun craft project!

Calendar update

I apologize, I realized at the open house I handed out a calendar from a couple years back. It's basically the same just different crafts and a few differences in the books. I just wanted you to make this one available in case you are confused that the crafts your child is making do not follow the schedule.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friendship Day

Friendship Trail Mix

some peanuts – for patience
add m&m’s – for sweetness
mix in coconuts – for caring
just a few raisins – for sharing
a heap of marshmallows – for hugs
and stir in pretzels – for fun

You are my best friend,
My very best friend,
You make me happy,
You share your great snacks,
You share your best toys,
Please don't take 
my best friend away.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School

First thing is first - we took 1st day photos for snack time place mats.

Aidan had this cute squinty eye thing going. He looked almost like a pirate. I had to ask him to keep his eyes open and smile at me.

Grace was distracted looking at what all the other kids were doing.

I caught her off guard and got a good shot, cute smile!

Tessa's first take was great.

But we had to do at least one more. This girl knows how to pose!

Both of Cece's pictures were adorable,

Who could choose a favorite?

Abbey took some to get her to put down the book and look at me,

but it was worth the trouble... our cute little mascot.

group shot - What a great bunch of kids!

It only took 10 shots to get this one. What they are all looking at me? Really? Quick. freeze!

After a little free time we started crafts... today's theme was I AM SPECIAL. We read a book called "You Are Special" by Max Lucado and talked about how much we need each member of our class and how unique they all are.

We set to work making "mini-me's" - cute little paper dolls that look a lot like each special class member.  Tessa was concentrating on getting the nails painted on her lil' Tessa, she even blew on them which made me laugh.

Grace wanted her mini-me every bit as dolled up as she got in the dress-ups.

Aidan wasn't interested in the clothes as much as the hair. He thought that was pretty cool.

Cece liked the entire process, but forgot about the glitter until she was ready to go home - next time we WON'T forget the glitter.

Didn't they turn out adorable? Just as special and unique as our individual class members.

Open House - Aug 26th

Cece was first to decorate at the open house. Since it was such a hit last year we decided to cut out and decorate our names again.

By the time I pulled my camera out, Tessa was already missing a few letters.

Tessa & Cece were quick to remember old friends (and dress-ups)!

Can you tell what Aidan's favorite color is?

Aidan was quick to remember where all the cool trucks were kept... here's to the start of a great new year.

and new friends... Grace joins our group this year. YEAH! SHe looks like she will be a great addition to a great group of kids.

September Calendar

One of the mom's last year mentioned posting the calendars in case they get lost or destroyed... what a great idea! Here is our plan for September:

So cute alphabet cards...

I just wanted to share this with all of you. MadebyJill created these adorable flash cards with long & short and hard and soft sounds for each letter. You can go HERE to download them for free. It might be a fun thing for your kids to flip through or practice with. I know she mentions something about laminating them, putting them on a ring. That would be a great thing to keep in the car for those longer car rides.