Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a ... a ... Alligator

(updated 2012: Alligator template added)

Today the letter we talked about was the letter "A"

Aidan said he didn't like alligators, but was still happy to make one.

Cece was making a chomping sound. It was really cute.

Grace enjoyed making the alligator and LOVED singing the 5 little monkeys singing in a tree ... teasing Mr. Alligator... yikes!

Aidan loves the letter A - he was quick to tell me he had one in his name. Every time I asked him which letter we were talking about he knew it right away and earned an M&M.

Cece could even remember the sound "a" makes - good job Cece! She earned an few M&M's.

Gracie was checking out the other alligators. What a fun craft project!

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