Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School

First thing is first - we took 1st day photos for snack time place mats.

Aidan had this cute squinty eye thing going. He looked almost like a pirate. I had to ask him to keep his eyes open and smile at me.

Grace was distracted looking at what all the other kids were doing.

I caught her off guard and got a good shot, cute smile!

Tessa's first take was great.

But we had to do at least one more. This girl knows how to pose!

Both of Cece's pictures were adorable,

Who could choose a favorite?

Abbey took some to get her to put down the book and look at me,

but it was worth the trouble... our cute little mascot.

group shot - What a great bunch of kids!

It only took 10 shots to get this one. What they are all looking at me? Really? Quick. freeze!

After a little free time we started crafts... today's theme was I AM SPECIAL. We read a book called "You Are Special" by Max Lucado and talked about how much we need each member of our class and how unique they all are.

We set to work making "mini-me's" - cute little paper dolls that look a lot like each special class member.  Tessa was concentrating on getting the nails painted on her lil' Tessa, she even blew on them which made me laugh.

Grace wanted her mini-me every bit as dolled up as she got in the dress-ups.

Aidan wasn't interested in the clothes as much as the hair. He thought that was pretty cool.

Cece liked the entire process, but forgot about the glitter until she was ready to go home - next time we WON'T forget the glitter.

Didn't they turn out adorable? Just as special and unique as our individual class members.

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Bubbly Faces said...

Yeah for Preschool!!! Tessa has been waiting all summer for this day to come. That would be my daughter making sure her doll had nail polish...