Friday, September 17, 2010

The Number 1 - bean bags!

Today we talked about the number one. I looked online for some fun ideas to illustrate this great number. There weren't many that I found I liked. Mostly just a coloring pages - sorry... not his preschool, coloring pages are for church or babysitters, pretty much unimaginative folk. These kids are anything but. So I found this great bean bag tutorial and decided we'd try a bit of sewing. The kids didn't mind the sewing (it takes 2 seconds to sew a square) but the filling of the bag with beans was pretty time consuming and a little frustrating for a few.

Aidan got a little overwhelmed at stuffing his bean bag, so Tessa took over helping him (what a good helper)

Grace is little Miss Independence - she didn't need (want) any help filling her bag.

Tessa - (little Miss) stuffing her bag like a little bean stuffing model, (and this is how we do it...)

Aidan showing off his finished bean bag.

Grace is checking hers out. She loved the fabric.

Cece loved this process, even though she can be quite meticulous putting them in one at a time. I had to help her when I realized we were past "meet mommy time" (sorry we got out so late).

Cece was quite happy with her bean bag, although she wasn't sure what it was used for. All of them really enjoyed singing counting songs instead of story time today. What a fun way to learn the number 1.


Jami said...

I love the want/ need help! Seriously. She always says "I do it".

Anonymous said...

cece can be ocd sometimes! i just showed her the pictures and she commented that she was counting them!

catherine gardner said...

I love everything that you do at your little school. Especially pictures of our darling Aidan. We live in England and just cant get enough pictures of him! THANK YOU!