Sunday, October 24, 2010

shape: CIRCLE - Thurs 10/07/10

Today we talked about CIRCLES 
I knew what ever craft I chose if it had any kind of food in it - it would be a HUGE hit.
We strung fruit loops on yarn.

They loved it.

Cece only made about half her necklace, ate a handful of fruit loops, and said she was done.

Aidan was pretty determined to finish.

Grace mostly just wanted to snack - she got Tessa to work on her necklace for her.

Tessa liked that we were making necklaces.

She not only finished hers - but also worked on Grace's and Cece's.

This craft project had Reese written all over it. He was quick and determined. I worried that it might be too difficult to thread through the small opening, but they all could do it with little help. 

He filled his yarn to the very edge and wanted no help from anyone. He was very self-sufficient.

Reese proudly shows off his craft.

Aidan with his finished necklace.

Reese has so great concentration and dexterity.

Cece was checking out all the colors and naming them off.

Grace didn't want to be bothered at this point. She was rocking in the rocking chair, munchin' on her necklace, and watching a movie during snack time.

Tessa posing to show off her couture fashion.

It's just so darn yummy! Yeah for circles!

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Julie Desotell said...

I would love the whole alphabet letters for my preschool class.Could you email them to me.Thanks.