Sunday, February 13, 2011

Miss Maren's bday (Nov 2010)

I apologize for not being a better blogger at the end of my pregnancy. Well, for what it's worth - you just get to see more of your cute kids.

Tessa in her jammies - ready to party 

Reese & Cece enjoying "free time"
Aidan & Abbey hanging out

Cece helping with the cupcakes. 

Aidan getting ready to measure 

They are always so good to help out

Cece pausing to give a smile 

Tessa not too happy about my second rate measuring cup 

yummm.... time for tasting 

 yep, it's good. We'll eat it.

Now Reese is interested... 

Abbey ready for a taste 

back to the school room while they bake 

all ready to go 

happy face - a cooking success 

Abbey sneaks back to the kitchen for another taste.

and another - Happy Birthday Miss Maren, it was so much fun spending it with such great kids!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The letter L & hearts

 This was our Tuesday craft letter. We made lions from the letter L.

Thursday we painted hearts. 

Tessa shows off her face paint. 

Reese had a very intricate design.

Abbey was excited about the glitter.

and got as much paint on her heart as she got on herself. 

Grace also LOVED the glitter. 

Next we decided to make "candy popcorn". 

Grace shows off her face paint.

watching it pop! So much fun.

Next comes the cooking part.

Everyone is so eager to help. 

Remember to take turns.

Tasting our cooking is the best part of the activity. 

Sippy cups & candy popcorn - it's all good. 

ummm... please move out of the way Miss Maren - we are trying to watch a show.

The Letter K & triangle

We were working on triangle's today. We made cookie dough, but trying to mold it into triangles was proving too much for us... 

so we broke out the cookie cutters and used different shapes.

Grace taste testing to make sure it's worth cooking them.

Reese chose to make heart shapes with green sprinkles. 

Azlyn loved playing with the dough. 

Tessa and Abbey mostly liked eating the dough.

Can you tell what shapes we chose?

Yeah for K!

Welcome Back!

We are so glad to be back. Miss Maren has a gorgeous healthy baby girl to show for her time off preschool... but we missed everyone and are glad to see these happy faces again.

So for the first day back they decided to break out the dress-ups. Reese is a cowboy pirate. 

Tessa is a diva, I mean princess. I love the pose.

 They had so much fun dressing up.

This gorgeous girl is Azlyn, she will be joining our preschool.

What a great group of kids!

... we can't forget Abbey (with 2 binki's - really her mom should just toughen up and take those away from her)

Over the break - Santa brought us a fun outside adventure clubhouse.

Even though it was FREEZING outside the kids had a blast on it.

This is Abbey's favorite part - the swings.

Reese loved the swings as well.

Grace was a princess in a castle.

Abbey & Tessa were twinners and having a lot of fun on the teeter/totter swing.

Watch them go!

Wheeeee! So much fun. We are glad to be back.