Friday, February 11, 2011

J is for Jaguar (Nov 2010)

(Sorry - I just found this post from Nov, I think the problem was the video I wanted to attach to it didn't work so I forgot to post it... anyway, here it is)

J is for Jaguar - Grace working on her craft.

We had Coy with us today (Reese's little brother) who loved craft time!

Reese is showiing off his Jaguar.

Happy Boy - all done!

Cece is very matriculate, everything must be perfect.

Good Job Cece!

Aidan keeping his craft out of reach.

He was so proud of his craft. Good boy!

Reese & Aidan comparing notes.

This was our Thanksgiving snack day.

Look at all those good eats - everyone brought something great to share.

Yum, yum, yum!
Happy Thanksgiving! Miss Maren is very thankful for such good kids!


MStephany said...

I'm loving all your letter animals, but I don't see a template for J. Is there one? I work with 3 year olds, and your animals are perfect for them :)
Mary (in Hawaii)

Anonymous said...

It seems the big question, everyone wants to know. Is where you get your templates? I would like to know as well. Thank you in advance.