Friday, February 11, 2011

The Letter K & triangle

We were working on triangle's today. We made cookie dough, but trying to mold it into triangles was proving too much for us... 

so we broke out the cookie cutters and used different shapes.

Grace taste testing to make sure it's worth cooking them.

Reese chose to make heart shapes with green sprinkles. 

Azlyn loved playing with the dough. 

Tessa and Abbey mostly liked eating the dough.

Can you tell what shapes we chose?

Yeah for K!


Sarah Fox said...

Do you have this template?

Anonymous said...

Do you have the templates for K and further? I LOVE the templates and so appreciate you sharing them! Would love to print off the rest. I have A-J. We are doing letter of the week with our little ones.

Steven M Holmes said...

We too are a small in-home family child care.
I too love your templates for A-J and would llove to get K-Z?

thanks you for posting; I have enjoyed your blog.