Friday, February 11, 2011

The letter L & hearts

 This was our Tuesday craft letter. We made lions from the letter L.

Thursday we painted hearts. 

Tessa shows off her face paint. 

Reese had a very intricate design.

Abbey was excited about the glitter.

and got as much paint on her heart as she got on herself. 

Grace also LOVED the glitter. 

Next we decided to make "candy popcorn". 

Grace shows off her face paint.

watching it pop! So much fun.

Next comes the cooking part.

Everyone is so eager to help. 

Remember to take turns.

Tasting our cooking is the best part of the activity. 

Sippy cups & candy popcorn - it's all good. 

ummm... please move out of the way Miss Maren - we are trying to watch a show.

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lv2tch44 said...

Do you have a template for the letter L? It is so cute!