Sunday, February 13, 2011

Miss Maren's bday (Nov 2010)

I apologize for not being a better blogger at the end of my pregnancy. Well, for what it's worth - you just get to see more of your cute kids.

Tessa in her jammies - ready to party 

Reese & Cece enjoying "free time"
Aidan & Abbey hanging out

Cece helping with the cupcakes. 

Aidan getting ready to measure 

They are always so good to help out

Cece pausing to give a smile 

Tessa not too happy about my second rate measuring cup 

yummm.... time for tasting 

 yep, it's good. We'll eat it.

Now Reese is interested... 

Abbey ready for a taste 

back to the school room while they bake 

all ready to go 

happy face - a cooking success 

Abbey sneaks back to the kitchen for another taste.

and another - Happy Birthday Miss Maren, it was so much fun spending it with such great kids!

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