Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcome Back!

We are so glad to be back. Miss Maren has a gorgeous healthy baby girl to show for her time off preschool... but we missed everyone and are glad to see these happy faces again.

So for the first day back they decided to break out the dress-ups. Reese is a cowboy pirate. 

Tessa is a diva, I mean princess. I love the pose.

 They had so much fun dressing up.

This gorgeous girl is Azlyn, she will be joining our preschool.

What a great group of kids!

... we can't forget Abbey (with 2 binki's - really her mom should just toughen up and take those away from her)

Over the break - Santa brought us a fun outside adventure clubhouse.

Even though it was FREEZING outside the kids had a blast on it.

This is Abbey's favorite part - the swings.

Reese loved the swings as well.

Grace was a princess in a castle.

Abbey & Tessa were twinners and having a lot of fun on the teeter/totter swing.

Watch them go!

Wheeeee! So much fun. We are glad to be back.

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