Wednesday, September 26, 2012

C c... is for cookies & cows?

This was one of our books today - all about noisy animals and a noisy barnyard, but our focus today is on COWS!

more cows and better yet - dancing cows

but cows can't really compete with cookies - even if they are being eaten by needy rodents

Today the plan was just to make the cows - Starla has a flour allergy but since she is still sick ;( - I felt it was safe to make some cookies.

...needy rodents 

oh wait! that's Elle sneaking in the colored cake mix cookie dough 

colored cake mix cookies

1 box of cake mix (any flavor)
1/4 cup oil
1/4 cup water
1 egg

mix all ingredients (we added food coloring) and bake at 350' for 9 minutes.

Kimball licking the beater - yep it's good

Abbey tasting the batter 

Elle licking a beater 

putting in all the ingredients 

 Abbey not paying attention at all - but mixing none the same

 Abbey showing Kimball & Abbey how to mix the cookies

What kids don't love cookies? 

tasting - mmmmmmmm! 

Kimball doing a happy dance - cookies make me happy too 

Kimball eating his cookie - yum! 

painting time - we love to paint 

Abbey painting away

Elle & Abbey painting cow heads 

look at that face - I was reaching out to hold his plate still and I think he didn't want my help

I had to watch this little one closely, she tried to sneak a taste or two of brown paint

Cat template

C is for cat

C c... is for cat

Meow. This was our alphabet animal - cat craft for today

We read a book about nosy crazy cats

 Kimball looking at Abbey's C craft

Kimball loading up his paper with glue

Elle loves the glue - making her cat

me trying to look curious - Abbey asked me what curious is and I was trying to explain it. I didn't think about those things when I was 4 - I thought about cookies & candies and that's about it

Kimball riding the scooter

Elle's curious face - actually I think this is just a cute Elle fac

 Wheeee! swinging time

cute kids having fun

We missed Starla who was sick this week

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

B b... is for bubbles

In all the time I've done preschool - outside play time is always later on in the morning, but not with this group. They love it first thing and I can't say I blame them. It gets too HOT if we don't go out and play right away.
 Abbey on the swing

Elle on the swing


 Kimball found a phone he wouldn't let go of.

 Starla is still a little camera shy of me.

...but she's warming up a little or realize she just can't get rid of me.

Kimball got to take a picture of himself while I pushed him on the swings.


We got a bowl of water, food coloring, and a little soap - add a straw

and you get really cool colored bubbles

we used to piece of paper to pop the bubbles - makes such a cool design

Elle just loved the mountain of bubbles

This was a craft they all were interested in 

Elle blowing bubbles out the side of her dish

Abbey loves blowing the bubbles as well

Kimball decides to see what happens when he starts dipping his hands in the color

Abbey loved to see the bubble impressions on the paper

Starla loved watching the bubbles but didn't want to touch them 

She was more interested in the food coloring 

I didn't realize the caps came off so easy

colored fingers

Kimball & Elle made big messes but had a blast 

Abbey demonstrating how to blow the bubbles

Elle got a mouthful or two... YUCK!

I think Kimball did as well. Love that cute lil' stained face