Monday, September 10, 2012

1st day of school

Yeah! A new year has started. How fun - our first day went much better then I had anticipated. Not so many tears and lots of smiles and fun. Here is how our month looks - 
After songs and story time we get free time where we can go outside and swing.

 This is Starla - She loved being outside and loved the swings the best.

 If you can look under the binki you can see a smile.

Elle loves the swings. 

Here is the backyard - don't be fooled there is plenty of areas to get dirty and Kimball is on the lookout for them. 

Abbey & Elle swinging

so much fun!

 ok. Elle is done. She's ready to get off

Climb up to the fort.

Starla & Elle in the fort.

 there's a pretty girl.

loves her binki & blankie - so cute!

Kimball playing in the dirt.

He's such a fun little boy. 

snack time!!!

munchin' away on the animal crackers

This is everyone's favorite time.

Starla eating her healthy snacks. 

Abbey making faces 

Elinor eating cheese sticks

Time to take a picture for our placemats. 

This is Kimball.

There's a smile - YAY!

Elle always cheeses!

Starla a little camera shy. 

 Look at those pretty eyes.

 Abbey's not to sure about this.

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