Monday, September 10, 2012

A a... is for alligator

We started off today by singing a song about 5 pesky monkeys that swing in a tree and tease poor Mr. Alligator until he comes along quietly and snaps that monkey right out of the tree, because he can't take all the teasing... and he might be a little hungry.

Starla loved laughing at the cheeky little monkeys

This was our book for today. It's more about fall and Halloween then apples, but the pictures are great.

 outside time

Kimball tried out the swing today. He was unsure at first.

 Then he got the hang of it.

 When I'd get close to push him he would say, "No, no no" - he thought I was getting him off the swing and he wasn't ready to give up this new found freedom.

Starla took to the fort. She wasn't too sure of the "rock wall" to get down so she asked for help.

 Kimball loves pretzels.

 Snack time girls.

 Now we are on to crafts.

 Starla likes the glue.

Using more glue for the eyes.

 Kimball is unsure of this glue bottle.

There he goes - watch out. 

trying to close the top 

almost forgot the eyes. 

A is for Alligator A, A, A

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