Tuesday, September 25, 2012

B b... is for bubbles

In all the time I've done preschool - outside play time is always later on in the morning, but not with this group. They love it first thing and I can't say I blame them. It gets too HOT if we don't go out and play right away.
 Abbey on the swing

Elle on the swing


 Kimball found a phone he wouldn't let go of.

 Starla is still a little camera shy of me.

...but she's warming up a little or realize she just can't get rid of me.

Kimball got to take a picture of himself while I pushed him on the swings.


We got a bowl of water, food coloring, and a little soap - add a straw

and you get really cool colored bubbles

we used to piece of paper to pop the bubbles - makes such a cool design

Elle just loved the mountain of bubbles

This was a craft they all were interested in 

Elle blowing bubbles out the side of her dish

Abbey loves blowing the bubbles as well

Kimball decides to see what happens when he starts dipping his hands in the color

Abbey loved to see the bubble impressions on the paper

Starla loved watching the bubbles but didn't want to touch them 

She was more interested in the food coloring 

I didn't realize the caps came off so easy

colored fingers

Kimball & Elle made big messes but had a blast 

Abbey demonstrating how to blow the bubbles

Elle got a mouthful or two... YUCK!

I think Kimball did as well. Love that cute lil' stained face

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