Saturday, October 6, 2012

D d... is for dogs, ducks, and dirt

You didn't know your child was learning music theory did you? Maybe we have us a little protege after all. 

Elle & Kimball were so interested in the keyboards that we didn't spend as much time singing.

I let them play/pound away and have fun. 

Abbey getting ready to show Elle how she can play with her feet. so talented. 

Now here's our singing time. 

We love the spider song - could it just be the cool masks? 


ok yeah. The masks are really cool. 

Abbey showing her sad face. 

Not much singing going on but they love that we sing different inflections depending on if it's a HAPPY or SAD face we have displayed

Abbey's a pro

telling happy/sad face stories 

Kimball just looks like he doesn't know what to do with these girls 

Now it's time for duckies 

How many duckies should we sing about? 

Kimball's grumpy face - wait. we are already done with that song.

I got myself a baby bumblebee...

licking her hands - Abbey it's just an action not a literal interpretation 

Kimball - what do you think of the bumblebee song? 

 Yay! Finally we are free outside

We can swing, and swing... 

 maybe we should go inside - it's still feels like summer in Arizona

The glue stick vs. The letter D 

and the letter D wins! 

Abbey working on her alphabet craft 

Kimball is all done and what a dog on good job! 

 Abbey still working on it

Abbey's a bit of a perfectionist. Doesn't let me skip parts with her. 

Abbey's finished D 

Elle's turn

 You have to keep a close eye on this one

and don't be deceived by this devious devilish smile 

because she's looking to sneak a taster or two (gross, I know) 

This is Wednesdays outside time. 

Alway love the swings 


 Yay! Starla's back from vacation and their family is done being sick.

 Is that a real smile I see? Hoo-rah!

 Did you guys see Starla's smile? YAY!

last but not least Kimball finds the dirt 

makes a little spot for himself 

and despite my pleadings - has himself a really fun time.

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