Monday, October 22, 2012

E e... is for Elephant (Oct 15th & 17th)

E ... is for elephant

Kimball gluing his elephant

E... is for Elle 

 thumbs up - he's happy with the craft

now it's a scowly face 

Yay, for elephants

Elle doesn't like sharing the glue stick

Abbey likes to grab the glue stick away

Elle is waiting patiently

music time

Elle loves the piano

Kimball dancing to Elle's music 

so fun 

we had visitors today - Emery is watching Kimball's dance

Coy also visited today. Here is Coy painting her pumpkin.

painting. painting. painting. 

Emery wasn't interested in painting but loved watching everyone else. 

Abbey painting her pumpkin

Kimball painting 

we love painting

Elle painting her pumpkin

I think this was enjoyed by all. I didn't have to coax anyone into this craft, they saw the paint and came running.

snack time! crackers, cheese, and grapes

Elle is a little preoccupied 

So yummy.

Everyone gobbled up the cheese.

Starla is a little preoccupied.

She notices everyone else sitting down to eat.

Ok. Maybe she will pause for a snack. 

Her mommy packs her the yummiest snacks. 

 What a fun week!

E is for Elephant & P is for pumpkins

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