Friday, November 22, 2013

12 Days of Christmas for Teachers

You know teaching is hard work and there is not much compensation for everything. I always miss Teacher Appreciation week/day and it's in May right before school ends when things are crazy busy. So here is a way to say THANKS and WE LOVE YOU for 12 school days before Christmas Break. These are all FREE printables so feel free to share them. Please don't sale them, just use them to bless the lives of others. (PS one of these can be used anytime of the year, a few could be used for non teachers)

12 Days of Christmas for Teachers

1. A&W root beer – You are an A&WESOME teacher, thanks for all you do.

2. Hershey’s Kisses – Merry KISSmas to the best teacher.

3. cookie dough – We could all use a little extra dough this holiday season.

4. Hot Cocoa Mix – WARMest wishes for Decemburrrr.

5. Extra Gum or Reese’s Pieces – Wishing you PIECE & EXTRA joy this holiday season.

6. Twizzlers – TWIZ the season to be jolly.

7. specialty/homemade bread – A special treat while your LOAFING around this holiday season.

8. soap – Wishing you all the Peace, Love, and Hope (SOAP)

9. popcorn – May you have a POPPING good time this holiday season.

10. chapstick – Merry KISSmas and a CHAPPY new year.

11. Sprite – May your holidays be Merry & SPRITE

12. Frame/Picture/mirror – picture yourself having a HOLLY JOLLY of a good time over the school break.

I've seen these gift wrapped, put in white lunch bags or just with the label attached. I will probably put mine in lunch bags with a day tag attached. Here are the FREE labels for the days (thank you Todays Momma!) I love people that share their talents. I made my own labels and wanted to share them because they are way cute and sometimes I feel Etsy'd to death. Everyone wants to make money (I don't blame them), but FREE is sometimes just really nice.

DAY 1 - A&W root beer

DAY 2 - Hershey's Kisses

Day 3 - cookie dough

DAY 4 - hot cocoa mix

DAY 5 - Extra gum or Reese's Pieces

DAY 6 - Twizzlers

DAY 7 - specialty/homemade bread


DAY 9 - popcorn

DAY 10 - chapstick

DAY 11 - Sprite

DAY 12 - picture or frame or small mirror

For the 12th day I was thinking of taking a picture and morphing it into something funny. I asked the teachers to send me a head shot... or to do a small mirror and put a vinyl mustache on it or even just an inexpensive frame and find a cute Christmas Printable - there are tons out there. If you need larger file sizes, just email me and I'm happy to attach them to an email for you.

Hope You Enjoy!! Have a Very Merry Christmas & the happiest of Holidays.

p.s. here's a pic I did of my son & his teacher
I made it on and just googled the background & elf costume from the internet.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Alphabet Templates

Hi - to Parents, educators, or just crafty folks,

I've had several requests asking if I have more finished templates. I do have templates made through the Letter O, and plans for the rest of the alphabet. For some reason Blogspot and my computer had a disagreement last year and I was unable to upload any of the finished ones I had done. I do have plans to continue to post them here first and then pin them resuming with this school year. The will be forthcoming.

Thanks for your interest & patience,